Is being a movie director a glitzy job full of glamour and wealth ?

The answer is ‘no’

Its hard work, lots of preparation and a lifetime of living, and loads of perseverance to get to the top of the mountain, much like any industry. But know, that the tall tree catches all the wind!!!!

First and foremost chose loyal people to surround you that are passionate storytellers , because you as good as your team – there is so much to overcome ;

THE budget is always a massive line in the sand, it dictates the amount of extra’s, the amount of rehearsal time, the amount of shoot time and what toys you can have to enhance the scene. More money and quality cast are always a bonus.

Our film was originally set as a PG13, and then evolved which meant action scenes could be more brutal, buts thats another story. When you change something as significant as this, the situation will call for ‘pick up’s’

Directing an action scene requires in depth planning, an incredible stunt team and an actor who can learn the beats of the battle. This was so much fun to plan and orchestrate. The stunt company in South Africa brings so much value to each and every set they work on. They know their business. Without their input and experience this would have been a very tough scene to shoot. My camera team also knew how to cover this in a manner that made the brutality real.

This is the pre-viz from which we build the battle, (a starting point) to see the battle and full movie go to : or visit Pureflix to see the film.

Here is a fun insert made by the team about me as a director, something to treasure, especially when I see Rutger Hauer, who sadly died shortly after our film. He really was a character, he told me that he has been killed more often in films, than any other Hollywood actor.

Another screen icon was Lindsay Wagner, she was the BIONIC woman, a pioneer of note, she was thoughtful and always ready to add insight and wisdom and made working with her a pleasure.

I was fortunate to have a few friends as actors on set, they were TOP South Africa’s who gave their best, and were such a pleasure to work with, James Ryan, Greg Kriek, Brandon Auret and Francis Sholto DOUGLAS.

To be a director you take on so many responsibilities and deal with so many different personalities, some good and some bad and some easy and some difficult, – learning to adapt to these situations takes years of life experience.

Directing is not for sissy’s. You are alone & betrayed when the going gets tough and the hero when its good, strange situation really. But this sums up the journey of life ?

One of the biggest bonus’s of the film was working with Taylor James who was Samson, we are now ‘best of friends’ and keep in regular contact. He is a great actor, kind person, and has loads of talent – and you’re about to see much more of him in a new project he has just started.

Bruce MacDonald from Porto ‘the City of Angels’

Published by brucemacdirector

Telling meaningful stories whether they shorts or features is what gets me out of bed every day. Passionate about those captured in slavery. Biographical films (The Perfect wave with Scott Eastwood) and (Biblical epic Samson with the late Rutger Hauer, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane and Taylor James) My recent short films Beat The Curve, Sex Tourism Labour have been awarded best shorts across the globe in 2020.

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