Bruce has won numerous awards for his short films, best director, best actress, best film in some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Biographical stories are the genre that Bruce loves directing, films that create an impact and influence people’s perceptions and evoke change.

Beat the curve

A look at the origins of COVID19 and how the pandemic effects day to day living and a solution on how to beat it

Concept – Bruce Macdonald Directors Bruce Macdonald / Shane Martin

The CAN YOU SEE ME CAMPAIGN of short films, has been a world-wide success, Bruce Macdonald has directed 5 shorts dealing with ‘slavery’ All the films have won numerous awards around the world. (2020/1)

Sex Tourism, a sad story about a girl who is offered a chance at success only to be cheated

Shooting Agreements short film in Ocean View, South Africa a well known area for gangs and abuse was both challenging and emotively moving, as the community related to the story we were telling as they live these challenging situations daily.

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