Content has become a massive industry, most companies are looking at how to communicate with audiences and build relationships and instal a desire from consumers to build loyalty towards their brand.

Bruce’s story-telling abilities and understanding of advertising and ability to direct / shoot and edit have led to a huge growth in this area of his film making.

Recent campaigns include ADIDAS (2021) Douro Rugby Club (2021) Billabong sponsored athlete Matt Bromley (2019) Covid campaign (2020) Samson marketing (2019)

Covid, has become a world-wide pandemic, and the message that is clear here is to be kind, be considerate and not fearful, the virus can be beaten. The film has won numerous awards globally.

Matt Bromley is one of the gentlemen of the surf-world, yet be breaks boundaries riding giants, he is a humble human and telling his 90 second short was both rewarding and educational. A state of calmness and confidence is required when adversity stands large before you.

Ana Silva, a renowned fashion photographer, business lady and sportswoman is about to embark on her first fight, Adidas sponsors this lovely story on Ana and her training journey as the countdown begins. Framed for 9X16 instagram,

This trailer/teaser is to gain traction prior to launching the 2 minute short:

The PROMO for ADIDAS Content campaign


Bruce shoots using a Hasselblad H4D50 which is a medium format camera giving each image its own unique look and feel. Being a film director Bruce evokes emotive performances from his stills making him a sought after storyteller from behind the lens.

I love shooting people, capturing their mood and who they are in a single frame and what they represent.

Chris Bertish, athlete

A love for the ocean has driven me to look at capturing the ocean and the waves and surfers and creating scenario’s that are eye-catching.

Landscape and buildings and the environment, –

Being a director, and having the most incredible settings allows for image capture of world-class cast and sets,

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