Cape Town vs Porto

It’s Friday, and we still in Lockdown. We stay in the most attractive house, situated on the river. The rent is EURO 1500,00 (R 27’000,00) which is pretty expensive but I feel if you stay in a nice place you wake up feeling happy each day but when I compare our home in South AfricaContinue reading “Cape Town vs Porto”

Lockdown Portugal

LOCKDOWN presents one with many challenges, especially when you new to a city


Riding from the city to the beach – a rather exciting experience, lots to see and lots to do.

Home for the NEXT 2 months

The only advantage of Covid has been that one can negotiate deals, thanks @Eric Daem for the advise, you were right again. I found this gem, and got it for a lot less than the normal rate. It is so well located, having a comfortable bed and home is I think one of the mostContinue reading “Home for the NEXT 2 months”