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Rutger played Manoa, the father of Samson in the recent Biblical Epic. Rutger told me, “I have been killed more times than any other actor in films, I always play the bad guy.” Blade runner was released in 1982, its a classic!!!

Working with a legend like Rutger started with me as nervous as can be, but his attitude was he was the custodian of the character, and together we would work to achieve the best we could and tell his story with integrity and truth. I really enjoyed the experience. By the way he does die in our film, another death played by Rutger.

Did you ever see THE HITCHER, this is one of the classics as well…… enjoy the trailer. It will put you off ever picking up a ‘hitcher’

Sadly a year after we completed shooting Rutger passed away, a legend of the screen, somebody that I really enjoyed chatting with, I learnt so many small things from him. He would always give me advice when we were on our own. Small pointers, pearls, things to think about as opposed to you should do this or you should do that. This is a relationship that I am grateful that the journey of film allowed to materialise.

If you a film lover, watch his films, he has done so many. 175 credits to his name as an actor. That to me is a working actor, someone who has worked with 175 directors, probably 350 producers and so on. I probably directed his last or second last feature film, which was a special memory. I know he enjoyed our hospitality and our country South Africa.

Here are some of his films worth watching

  1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which was George Clooneys directorial debut film
  2. Bloodhounds of Broadway
  3. Sin City
  4. Wanted dead or alive
  5. Blind side
  6. Turkish Delight
  7. The salute of the Jugger
  8. Split second
  9. Flesh and Blood
  10. Ladyhawke
  11. Blind Fury
  12. Soldiers of Orange
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Rutger Hauer, a legend …… someone who was not a difficult man to deal with on set, he wanted to help, he was one of the cast I always knew I could rely on when his was in a scene. I am just sorry I was unable to say good/bye. We remember you with fondness and admiration, may you rest in peace and may your legacy live on.

Bruce Mac, in Dubai, at Media City the home of Boomtown-Productions A cutting edge production company that delivers excellence, if you shoot in Dubai they the team should contact.

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Telling meaningful stories whether they shorts or features is what gets me out of bed every day. Passionate about those captured in slavery. Biographical films (The Perfect wave with Scott Eastwood) and (Biblical epic Samson with the late Rutger Hauer, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane and Taylor James) My recent short films Beat The Curve, Sex Tourism Labour have been awarded best shorts across the globe in 2020.

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