Out on digital platforms (Apple iTunes, Google Play & Vimeo On Demand) August 17!

So happy to announce that THE LAST KNOWN CO-ORDINATES documentary feature film is releasing in less than a month. Its been a mammoth journey to complete this film, – there were 100’s of hours of footage which Chris filmed on his journey that needed careful selection to best tell his story of courage and commitment.

This is not a film to be missed, this will inspire viewers to believe that they can achieve greatness in their own lives, Chris believes ‘nothing is impossible’ as he sets off to do the ‘impossible’ which was cross the Atlantic Ocean on a Standup paddle board, unsupported, alone for 93 days.

Joe Piscatella alongside the creative duo The Mason brothers creatively threaded the film together into a strong narrative journey that will inspire and entertain. As the Producer my role was to ensure that we stayed true to the story and that our protagonist Chris’s journey was honestly depicted through the interviews and material. We did not want to shoot re-enactment scenes, we wanted the film to be real, a real depiction of a man’s journey of exploration and endurance.

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Out on digital platforms (Apple iTunes, Google Play & Vimeo On Demand) August 17!

Bruce Macdonald from Porto The City of Angels

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Telling meaningful stories whether they shorts or features is what gets me out of bed every day. Passionate about those captured in slavery. Biographical films (The Perfect wave with Scott Eastwood) and (Biblical epic Samson with the late Rutger Hauer, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane and Taylor James) My recent short films Beat The Curve, Sex Tourism Labour have been awarded best shorts across the globe in 2020.

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