Photograph each day

You almost need your camera on you all the time, as there are moments wherever you go, and that’s what I am learning, capture life and stay alert to your surroundings, as there is always so many wonderful things happening.

Scattered around a market are canvas images ‘portraits’ all set in the same environment, just with different props and of coarse people, this photographer brings to life his skill to the public and captures their immediate attention and business. This is what entrepreneurs do with their skills, and do what they love yet make a living. I thought this was clever. They also capture a moment, a memory. I also love that this is not digitally saved, its a print, it can be touched and seen without delving into social media or one’s computer.

Portraits are such meaningful images to capture, especially when you get a mood,

“It’s one thing to take a picture of what a person looks like,

It’s another thing to make a Portrait of WHO THEY ARE!”

What I do know, is that sometimes we run out of idea’s but if we just open our eyes and look around, there is so much going on all around us, and thats the essence of capturing life that excites me.

Bruce Mac from Porto (City of Angels)

Published by brucemacdirector

Telling meaningful stories whether they shorts or features is what gets me out of bed every day. Passionate about those captured in slavery. Biographical films (The Perfect wave with Scott Eastwood) and (Biblical epic Samson with the late Rutger Hauer, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane and Taylor James) My recent short films Beat The Curve, Sex Tourism Labour have been awarded best shorts across the globe in 2020.

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