Qualify for the Olympics

One never gets bored when you have a view. Firstly the amount of activity surrounding our apartment is next level, people are always riding, running, skating, roller blading etc…

To add to all of this, there is a significant Olympic qualifying trial, there are 18 countries competing, in amongst them was the South African flag.

The flags flew proudly today as the wind propped them up and each country boasted with their symbols representing their dreams and aspirations.

Seeing the entrants enter the water and watching the dogs play on the beach is peaceful and entertaining, always some activity unfolds thats unexpected if you stay alert for the moment.

Representative Portugal entering with the hope of qualifying for the Olympics. (only one European place available)

I wonder how many flags can be identified and whether you know what country each flag represents

All these small craft head out to the mouth where they enter the ocean for their race. If the swell is large which the forecast predicts for day 2, then these craft are going to be smashed as they venture into the ocean.

Sailing (known as yachting until 2000) has been one of the Olympic sports since 1896. Since its inception ‘GREAT BRITAIN’ leads the Olympic sailing medal table.

Porto is host to 80 sailors of 33 nationalities and their coaches. There are two races : the Northern field, in front of the beaches of Porto and Matosinhos, and the Southern field alongside the beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia. Besides granting the title Finn World Champion, the race also signs the last few places to the Olympics in Tokyo. The fleet includes four previous world champions, and only two places are on offer for the Olympics qualification, one spot for Africa and one spot for Europe. Go South Africa!!!!

Must say the swell on day 2 looked ominous and scary to go out to sea, and they cancelled, as getting out the river mouth into the ocean is no easy task.

Many of the contestants and judges had a compulsory quarantine of 14 days due to Covid, – here in Portugal. Makes life pretty challenging to travel, I wonder what the new normal will be? Will this ever disappear?

Winners of the FINN cup –

Well done to New Zealand, who had a first place and third place. South Africa came in 44th out of 52.

Not sure what the next adventure holds, but witnessing this has been a privilege, the Douro River makes for an incredible central magnet for the City of Porto.

Bruce Mac from Porto – the City of Angels

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