Fit and Healthy

One thing we have noticed is that people in Portugal are acutely aware of their fitness and overall health. Everybody is out there either walking, cycling, doing pilate’s on walkways, training for soccer, skateboarding or roller blading.

South African’s are a fit Nation, but this is next level ! It would be wonderful if the South African government looked at doing dedicated cycling paths and walkways in more area’s which would promote more outdoor exercise. The cycle track near Tableview is a good one.

Having moved, we no longer walk in the Centre of the City but along a beautiful pathway, its over 10,000 steps so Discovery Medical Aid will be happy as they rack me on my IPHONE.

Everything is designed for the well being of the society, the paths are all well kept – there are bike paths, walking paths and parks and so much more. Society has woken up to being healthy and being fit. We all want to live longer and by being fit is a great start to adding years to our one off lives.

Not sure if its Covid related, but everywhere are little groups of people training in PUBLIC area’s. The vibe is fabulous.

Porto being on the water, really does revolve around water-sports, (Rowing, Stand up Paddling, Surfing, ), there are always activities and positive energy sources surrounding us.

Foiling is also very popular in Porto, its a great place to learn, I see many people at point zero learning and some masters carving the ocean as they glide weightlessly across the surface. The Douro offers so many activities. Chris Bertish would flourish here. I am surprised not more ‘watermen’ come from this area. Although I must say the surfers that ride Nazare are a breed of their own.

Today there was a group of three swimmers doing a long distance swim in the river, the current was strong and they often had to stop and grab a break or show the foilers and paddlers that they were also in the water.

Oh and of course, there are those who glide on slightly bigger crafts, with stewardesses and crew to take care of their every need. Their exercise includes lifting champagne and caviar. I wonder which I would choose if I had a zillion dollars?

I think almost everybody has a bike, – we opted for electric as some of the hills are pretty steep and almost impossible to ride up. The paths along the river and along the beach-front are spectacular and offer pitstops along the way for coffee, a beer or many choices of lunch. We love this as a daily outing.

Living by the water and being part of life and actively enjoying the each element of life creates a happy soul and a healthy life. We had a house in Fish Hoek (Sunny Cove) which was a mere 20m from the waters edge, this home is even closer. This is such a blessing, every aspect of our journey there are unexpected surprises or blessings.

Bruce Mac – Porto ‘the City of Angels’

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