Cape Town vs Porto

It’s Friday, and we still in Lockdown.

We stay in the most attractive house, situated on the river. The rent is EURO 1500,00 (R 27’000,00) which is pretty expensive but I feel if you stay in a nice place you wake up feeling happy each day but when I compare our home in South Africa to this, its ridiculous the value of South Africa property compared to Europe (Portugal which is one of the cheapest cities in Europe is still expensive for South Africans)

Our home in South Africa is 450 square meter with a massive garden, and parking for 5 cars or more and is comparable in rental vs a 100 meter home here in Porto. It has 3 bedrooms , 2,5 bathrooms, kitchen and a lounge. The home is three stories. Our home in South Africa has 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a pool, a large lounge, patio and much more…..

OUR HOME IN South Africa

And this is our Porto home

How I wish the rand was stronger, it really would make the transition from South Africa to Europe so much easier.

Until one earns euro’s one tends to calculate back to rands, and its rather scary!!! So if you thinking of immigrating be prepared for a few shocks. We are rather spoilt in South Africa. Getting used to smaller space and living onto of each other is something you should get used to quickly, especially if you are a family (we are 5 people), the house we renting although beautiful is a squeeze.

So there is some serious adapting to be done, – in Africa we have wide open spaces which give a sense of freedom, and here in the City everything feels close.

At home in Cape Town we normally walk up the mountain which is in our back-yard, now we walk the streets. The solitude of the mountain is good for the soul, it renews my spirit.

But last night I experienced a walk of a different kind, on the streets in Porto, I felt so safe, at no time did I feel endangered, which was a new feeling after living in Cape Town where this would not be wise, as crime is becoming problematic.

A big whole in our hearts is in Cape Town, we have friends and family which we miss dearly and of coarse our staff. Here we still need to connect into society which we will do one day at a time. With lockdown it has not been easy to meet people, but I am sure this will change soon.

Every day, we try see something new between looking for Universities and me doing some work to ensure we don’t spend all our rands.

Today was off to the LIGHTHOUSE in Porto, and the swell was cooking, so we were able to get a few good shots, pity it was on my IPHONE, but its an image that tells as story is it not? It reminded me of Kalk Bay which when the swell cooks the waves crash right over the lighthouse, and this who have a death wish run the gauntlet across the pier in the hope of not being washed off.

My conclusion At this early stage is I cannot compare the cities, they each have their own charm, they each offer you different experiences. The question is what are you looking for in life?

What I do know is this has taken us out of our comfort zone, and has presented new ways of doing things, and new opportunities and a chance to widen our vision.

On a lighter note : Sometimes when you new to a place you tend to be more observant, and I am always on the look-out for interesting images, and this is the one that tickled me today, – cheers for now :

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2 thoughts on “Cape Town vs Porto

  1. Living in Europe is a different kettle of fish and once covid restrictions are lifted you will integrate with people there and spend time in coffee bars, visiting landmarks and the many outdoor activities. There seems to be so many interesting new experiences waiting for you to discover and it is really great that you are making a record of each day. Start a gratitude book of all the blessings you have each day and life takes on a whole new meaning


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