Time to adapt to a new lifestyle

People adapt to change so quickly, our ancestors did trips across oceans in boats and overcame illness and adversity to seek out new opportunities, we fly in style, and it took a mere 40 hours due to layovers to get here. So I need to be grateful, and be positive as each new sunrise breaks the sky. In Noordhoek the sunrise is beautiful, but I have to say this was stupendous, but I do know that no sunset in the world will beat Noordhoek beach.

A big difference : We have always had staff, Africa is a rare continent, (we had 5 staff at our Protea Lodge in Noordhoek Cape Town) Europeans do everything themselves, and that means I need to learn, so the first thing is where does the garbage go? Popped in to our neighbour and he explained the bins are up the road, so a little walk and into the bins goes the garbage. But what does each color mean? (I forgot to ask)

The thing that excited Sue was the bakery, so we took a walk to the closest one to where we staying, literally 5 minutes away, and were greeted with glorious choices (all to add kg’s to the waistline but very yummy) No coffee for sale, as its LOCKDOWN, but that we can make at home.

Then of coarse there is all the charm of Europe as you walk to each destination, the buildings are tiled, which is something I have never seen before, I wonder what this would look like in South Africa? I t must save painting and upkeep. I wonder the reason for this. Breakfast was 7 euro’s. I know today we splashed out, so I think we could feed five people a full breakfast from the bakery for 5 euro’s which is encouraging. So breakfasts for the month I am guessing will be 150 euro’s. Thats R 2’700,00 for five people, so a daily cost per person of R 18,00 – Once we have done a month, I will be able to see how much the groceries cost us. They say the average salary here is 800 euro’s which does not seem a lot at all (R 14’400,00 per month), but i’m pretty sure that both husband and wife would need to work, so the household income would be (R29,000.00) The attorney said to live well here its best to earn outside Portugal , which exactly what the aim is. Its too soon to think of the work aspect, but I have a few opportunities to grow our SA office from here.

& what would a modern city be without Cannabis, – we dropped a pin, so its a visit when its open (Nadine). We walked some 10,000 steps today and let me tell you that Porto is not flat, its tough on the knees and the heart, I can predict that in the next few weeks the weight is going to tumble off.

To end a eventful day, it was important to get stocked up with food, so we went to the Supermarket, and got 2 weeks Groceries , black bags, salt, pepper, virgin olive oil, pasta, eggs, bacon, chocolates and yoghurts and much much more. The cost was 112,00 euro. This would be at least 4,000 rand. So the cost of food seems to be almost half that of Cape Town, which is rather interesting, even with the exchange rate.

Tonight we will test the kitchen, and do a home cooked meal, cannot wait after eating all this junk food, @Craig D Jones, I bought a bottle of RED WINE, it cost 1,89 Euro (R 34,00 – which is not to bad?) however I don’t know yet what it tastes like.

Even though this looks like a holiday, I have a few work projects to spend time on, … – we are in development on a project we have entitled ‘once upon a kidnap’ which I am reworking with the writer, as I have been asked to direct this intriguing story. Breaking down a screenplay and ensuring that it works is no easy feat, but as of next week I will be dedicating time each day to this.

I also have a hard working innovative producer in London ‘Philippe Ashfield’ who is shaking trees down to kick start three different projects this year. Only LOCKDOWN in London stopped this, but watch this space – its a matter of weeks before these kick in,

Boomtown is also in final NEGOTIATIONS on a film entitled The Shaper which took over three years to write, re-write and re-write again, and at last its ready to be put into production (watch this space…….)

Originally we were thinking of basing ourselves in London, but an inner fear of the weather and crowded streets, underground and grumpy commuters tipped the scale, and we decided Portugal would better suit our needs. Looking at the weather ahead and the beautiful day we just experienced, I think thus far we made the right decision. Time will tell !!! As a South African, we have so much, beauty, great weather, crazy politicians, unrivalled lifestyle’s, space and a attitude of ‘can do’, so choosing a location to base oneself, is no easy choice, as to equal what Africa has to offer will never be an easy task. I will elaborate in a blog the reasons why we relocated other than to grow the business footprint into Europe and raise funds for films.

Enjoy your weekends, – hope for those who are reading this, that its interesting, its been a lot of fun to give each day a purpose and reason to take images :- being a storyteller is really exciting

Tommorow we have an amazing adventure planned, it will be a ‘first for me’

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Telling meaningful stories whether they shorts or features is what gets me out of bed every day. Passionate about those captured in slavery. Biographical films (The Perfect wave with Scott Eastwood) and (Biblical epic Samson with the late Rutger Hauer, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Zane and Taylor James) My recent short films Beat The Curve, Sex Tourism Labour have been awarded best shorts across the globe in 2020.

12 thoughts on “Time to adapt to a new lifestyle

    1. its been amazing, reality may strike soon, as we need to earn money and get to a sense of normality, for now everything is new and exciting. The good thing is one feels 100% safe, there is never that concern. I left my bike unattended, and went to ice cream shop, never doubting it wouldn’t be there…. in Cape Town, it would have been gone. Miss you, love you


  1. Boa noite Bruce, lovely to see you taking a bold step. I’ve been enjoying reading the posts. You must triy the Pasteis de Nata (custard pasties). Staying in Moz for 2 years I was exposed to some Portuguese delicacies.

    Also all the best with learning the language, it is a bit tricky, but being surrounded by the language should make it easier.

    Fique bem


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